Why Syscoin is the ideal layer 1

Let’s dive into why Syscoin is the most ideal layer 1 settlement system in the world. I will pin this tweet storm for educational purposes:

Syscoin is the only dual chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol. Lets start with UTXO chain:

  1. UTXO chain with UTXO assets integrated following bitcoin policy rigorously with daily updates

On our EVM chain (NEVM):

  1. Because EVM chains are inherently focused on utility and not SoV we want long term subsidy with a burning model (EIP1559). This is why you cannot do DeFi on Bitcoin itself. We model our inflation based on population growth of ~1% and dropping over time.

All of these reasons contribute to a cohesive and intricate design that leverages both BTC and EVM gold standards with some interesting token economic features to create the glue necessary for an ideal layer 1. More details on the idealisms outlined with some of these concepts here: https://jsidhu.medium.com/blockchain-idealisms-b61c5781ddc3



Syscoin Core Developer and Foundation President

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