A Design For An Efficient Coordinated Financial Computing Platform


Table Of Contents


Fig 1: Masternode setup

Syscoin Platform

Masternode Configuration

Chain Locks

Blockchain as a Computational Court

Fig 2: Four-layer tech stack

Scalability and Security


State Liveness and State Safety

Avoiding Re-execution of Transactions

Fig 3: Host and EVM layer

Validity Proof Systems Overtop Proof-of-Work Systems

Quantum Resistance:

Table 1: Estimates of quantum resilience for current cryptosystems (see [20])
Fig 4: zkSync Rollup design

A Design Proposal for Web 3.0

Fig 5: Proposed design
Fig 6: Merge mining on Syscoin

Optimistic vs ZkRollup

Decentralized Cost Model

State-less Layer 1 Design

Related Works

Commercial Interests

Functional Overview

Fig 7: High-level description

Give Me The Goods

Table 2: Gas costs and Total throughput

Blockchain Foundry


Chief Technology Officer of Blockchain Foundry (BCFN:CSE) and Syscoin Core Developer

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